Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Are you ready to ROCK?

Christmas has come and gone. Of course it was much too quick. I think Christmas day should be extended to Christmas week! That way we could spend more time with each of our families and we wont feel so rushed. We can take it easy and enjoy things a little bit more. Yeah, that would be cool....

I was thinking that I was pretty awesome at Guitar Hero. I was doing really well and thought to myself... I kick butt!!! I totally thought that I could beat anyone in my family. My confidence was boosted when I laid the smack down on my brother earlier in the day at my parents house. (I felt like I did in my glory days. When I was 10 years old and I was the champion at the TAZ game on Coleco-vision. Yes, Does anyone remeber that system... Probably not. but anyway I so rocked at that game! Neighborhood kids would come from all over to see the wonder that was... me! I could totally rock that game! I was a legend!) I digress.

Back to Guitar Hero
After I accurately navigated the series of notes in songs from KISS and Guns and Roses. I felt like a true rock star. I even heard my brother say under his breath "Wow...she really is good!" After such confidence builders I thought I was indestructible and could certainly rock over Cody, Randy and Josh.

The game was on! I finally broke out the Guitar Hero III after we opened presents with the kids. We all ran downstairs to play. I talked a pretty good talk and then we began playing. It was all downhill from there. I started out strong but quickly realized that my Guitar Hero skills were not as polished as I had once thought. Maybe it was just performance anxiety with everyone down there watching but alas, I have to confess that I met my match and then some in Josh. Even now, saying his name stings to the core :) Yes it's true, I have to admit that Josh is an excellent Guitar Hero player. He officially Rocks over me.

So now I am laying down the gauntlet.... Josh-you beat me once, but It wont happen again. We shall duel again my friend and the next time, I will be ready. I am going to practice night an day. Next time victory will be mine!!

Oh yeah, Jo and Randy had fun playing as well! Thanks for the fun times. I Love you all!


Josh said...

Wow, should I be worried about someone attacking me and breaking my fingers?

Dreams of Writing said... money is on...ummm...well....oh never mind

Dreams of Writing said...

Ok ok I put my money on....Nat. (Sorry Josh, but she's been praticing)

Jo said...

I don't know - Josh has been practicing too! :)