Monday, December 24, 2007

Is Christmas really tomorrow???

Holy Cow! Today is Christmas Eve. It is so hard to believe that it is here already. It seems like yesterday we were dying of the summer heat. Boy, how time flies. I love Christmas time. Each year, I try to be ready early so I can enjoy the holidays but of course it never happens. Last night, I was still makeing treats for our neighbors. I made regular caramels and then I made some caramels with cinnamon flavoring in them. Oh my goodness they are yummy. I also made some pretzels with white chocolate and cashews on them. Randy and Scott really liked those and kept eating them. I hope our neighbors like them.
As I was cooking last night I decided we should watch my favorite holiday movie..Love Actually! (The edited version we recorded off the t.v. last year) It's such a cute movie. I think Randy even liked it (cause you know, I forced him to watch it with us )
The news said that a storm is coming today. We have already had a lot of snow this year and this will just add more white to the ground. Yay!
Merry Christmas Everyone!