Friday, December 7, 2007

I've been given what I need

Last night Scott and I took the kids to see The Forgotton Carols by Michael Mclean It's been a while since we've gone to the production. The music was wonderful, as usual, but the spirit that was there was special. One of my favorite song All I ever wanted... starts with the following phrase "All I ever wanted, All I ever dreamed of, everything I hoped and all the things I prayed for, couldn't hold a candel to what I ve been given, Ive been given what I need" While I listened to that song, I couldnt help but be reminded how much the Lord has blessed me. I have so many things to be grateful for. My life is blessed!! I have a husband and a family that I love and I am thankful for the opportunity that we had to spend time together last night. Whether it be the spirit of christmas or something else, there was a special spirit there.
I have been given what I need! I have a familiy who loves me, I have shelter, I have clothing and I have food. I also have the blessing of the gospel in my life. I am able to provide for mine and my families needs. True we may not have extravegant things or want for nothing, but in the end does that really matter?
I have come to learn, especially in the last few years that there is a time and place for everything. It doesnt matter how hard you try, if it is not in the Lords plan, it will not happen. The Lord will give you what you need, when the time is right. I have come to accept this and by doing so I am able to focus on enjoying my life rather than spending my days consumed with want for things that I cannot or am not supposed to have. (whoa, that was a little deep).
I hope that especially during this Holiday season, we take stock of what we have been given and be satisfied with the blessings that we have.
Much Love....Natalie


Jo said...

So glad you started a blog! We had a great time at The Forgotten Carols too - it was really neat. Love ya and thanks again!

MONA said... are too hilarious...cos i totally know what you're talking about when it comes to your hair...which is why i do the whole pioneer bun action when i'm too lazy to hold the

anyways...i dont know why you worry, you look beautiful regardless of how you fix your hair. :)