Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank you!

Today I have to say Thank You. Thank you Weight Watchers people for creating a program that is easy to follow. A program that lets you change your life, loose weight, but still allows you to eat what you want….. Well almost!
I don’t remember the last time that I was able to shop off the rack at any “normal” size store. For as long as I can remember, I have been shopping solely at the “fat lady store” (Lane Bryant). Which isn’t bad, they have great clothing that fits a “woman of size”, (see what I did there… I am so politically correct) I do love their clothing, it’s stylish and very comfortable. But I longed for the days I could go in to a store like Old Navy and buy something off the rack for like $2 bucks! My mouth would water at the deals we could find at Old Navy for others, but I could never fit into any of their clothes. I would have to wait until I was thinner. Well, the wait is OVER! Yup, that’s right, thanks to Weight Watchers and their truly amazing Flex points program, I can now confidently walk into old navy and pick up a shirt and purchase it… without the pain of having to try it on or the worry that it is not going to fit! I have recently purchased several items from Old Navy and I want to cry every time I put them on and they fit perfectly. (I even ordered something online, only to receive it and it be too big!!)
I have had to give up burgers and French fries (I haven’t eaten a fry in almost a year) and my life is now consumed with how many points are in everything I eat. But, it is all worth it. Am I still fat … Yes, but I am not as fat as I once was. I can only go down from here. My shopping possibilities are getting larger as my waistline gets smaller and that’s pretty darn AWESOME!


SLC / Portland Webbs said...

Go Natalie good for you