Friday, April 11, 2008

The Girls

On Saturday night Camie and the girls came to my house to spend some time with Maggie and me while the guys were at priesthood. It's so much fun to have them all around. I think Maggie enjoyed it too. I love having them at my house and I am excited that they are Maggie's cousins! Carlee is so good with Maggie. She is going to be a great little babysitter!!

While they were here we had a little photo shoot to get some pictures of the girls. They turned out suprisingly well. I still need to work a little on lighting, but I am pleased with the efforts.

I just love these girls!!


SLC / Portland Webbs said...

Natalie what great pictures. I think you did a great job. How is motherhood treating you? Are you getting any sleep at night or is Maggie keeping you on a short leash.

Heidi said...

Wow! Those pictures are great!

MONA said...

OMGOODNESS...the girls have grown...i remember when the little one was Maggies amd i that job on the pix Nat ;)
kiss baby Maggie for me..

Anonymous said...

carlee you look a natural mum I think you and I should get naked and practice making a baby