Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden 2009

Each year Scott tries to grow a garden. (I say Scott, because I do not like to garden) I especially HATE weeding! Scott doesnt particularly like weeding either so most years we loose lots of crops to weeds.

This year we heard about square foot gardening and we thought we would invest a little money to buy the supplies to try it.
Oh my GOSH!!!! It works great! Our plants....from seed....are doing AWESOME. I swear they double in size each day......
.....and guess what..................NO WEEDS!!!! AMAZING.

Thanks Scott for doing this. I cant wait to harvest and eat our veggies!
Oh yeah.... Miss M. loves to help Daddy in the garden too.


SLC / Portland Webbs said...

I love gardening!! When we had our garden in UT it was great. The place we live in right now has no back or front yard I really miss having a yard. The pictures look great.

One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

Beautiful garden and inspiring. A few weeks ago I had a thought that I needed to take some pictures of our garden now while it's so alive and doing so well. So later in the season when I need a kick in the pants to keep it up and replant (we tend to fizzle out in end of July / early Aug), I could use the pics to keep me going.

Perhaps I'll just rely on yours!

Shawn & Teri