Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old Chair + Backyard = Cute pics!!

Last Saturday I took this awesome photography workshop. I learned so much and I am so happy that I did! I think it paid off, I definately learned things that helped me on Sunday when I took pictures of my brother and his family. After we took the family pictures we went to my parents house for dinner. My mom has this cool old chair from my grandparents (unfortunately I broke the leg trying to get it outside.... SORRY Mom !) but it did make for some waaaaay cute pics! All the kids were so good and did great with their pictures, except one..... my own!! Enjoy!


JACK's house said...

How cute are those!!!! Great job Nat!!

Grateful Scottie said...

As I have always said, MY WIFE IS GREAT AND VERY TALANTED!!!
These pictures help prove my point!

Heidi said...

These are great! You are so very talented.

Camie said...

Oh Carter, How cute is that!
I love them all!

SLC / Portland Webbs said...

It was worth the broken leg what a great photo shoot. I think Maggie wants to meet me and little P. I have had three missed calls from you this last week and there is some heavy breathing on the other end.

MJS said...

OHHHH,...this gets me excited to see how our pictures turned out! THANKS again for taking our famiy pics today! You are wonderful and so very talented!

THANKS Scott and Maggie too for being so helpful! :)