Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Baby Love

I got the priviledge of taking some pictures of this sweet little baby boy the other day. AJ was placed by his birthmother into the arms of our good friends Criscell and Spencer a few weeks ago. He was the easiest baby I have ever photographed. He stayed asleep pretty much the entire time! What a cute little bug! Criscell and Spencer we love you guys and couldnt be happier for you! Oh yeah, guess what his birthday is....9/9/09. How cool is that!!


SLC / Portland Webbs said...

Congrats to your friends! Love the picture's want to get together this next weekend I will be in town. October 8th.

Spencer said...

Wow that is the cutest boy I have ever seen. Oh, I am not bias at all. Thanks for all your support.

The Schroaders said...

So precious! WE LOVE Adoption! Great work yet again, Natalie!