Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miss M. and the iPOD

I cant believe the little baby is going to be TWO in a couple weeks!!
It's time for an intervention. Thats right, we have a problem at our house. Miss M. is addicted to the iPod! Yes, our almost two year old knows how to turn it on and find the apps that apply to her. She knows how to find the pictures, the games and the movies. There are more movies for her on the iTouch, than any adult living in our house.
I used to think that parents who purchase their young children iPods (or more specifically the iTouch) were crazy. I am here today to eat my words! No, we have not purchased Miss M and iTouch (yet) but as you can see by the pictures below, she is the one getting the most use out of it. In our defense.... she really only watches the iTouch when Daddy is home (because it is actually his, and mine doesnt have speakers (thank goodness)) In addition, it has saved us many times from a "meltdown" while shopping and it was a LIFESAVER while we were on vacation. HOWEVER, I do fear, at some point we will have to break her of the iTouch just like we have to break her of her binkie. Oh No!


Grateful Scottie said...

I remember when I could pick up my ipod and not have to worry if the battery was charged or not...good thing I love her so much

Heidi said...

Looks like ya got trouble! On a semi related note, looks like Lil C 'reads' books just like Miss M does. Thank you for encouraging our children to do so! I love it!

JACK's house said...

hehehe...i have the same battery problem...but mine is thanks to my hubby who likes sudoku...note to self...buy him his OWN. (when he finds a job ;)