Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Sew" Easy Valentine Garland

I don't typically decorate my house for holidays, but this year I felt a little inspired this month to put some Valentine decorations around the house. I didnt want to spend a lot of money, but I wanted to brighten things up a bit, so I went on the lookout for cheap and easy Valentine Decorations.

I came across this cute blog that had a tutorial for a felt heart garland. I thought this would be simple and easy and best of all....CHEAP.
***Side note: Red Felt around Valentine's Day is very hard to come by! I had also wanted to make this heart wreath, but there wasn't a styrafoam heart or red felt (from the bolt) to be found from Layton to Salt Lake., Darn. maybe next year.)

I was up in Layton one day and decided to stop at Hobby Lobby. They had craft felt. (Craft felt comes in sheets and it's not quite as high quality but it's cheap so I was all over it.)
I picked out 4 colors. Red, Hot Pink, Light pink and Purple. I purchased 12 sheets at around .30 cents a piece. Not too bad. When I got to the register she rang it in at 50% off so I spent a grand total of $1.50. Yes folks, one dollar and fifty cents!
Next, I came home and began to cut hearts. I made a template of 4 different sizes and then folded the felt and just randomly cut. This part took the longest (which only was about a hour)

After I had cut all the hearts I went down to my sewing machine and began sewing. I just randomly picked up hearts and sewed them together. It couldnt have been more easy. It literally took me about 20 minutes to sew and I had two complete garlands that were each over 9 feet long! I strung one over my hutch in the living room and the other over my fireplace. It was just what we needed to brighten up each room.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Lady

I can't belive my baby is turning TWO! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home. The last two years have been to most wonderful years of my life. This little girl has enriched my life more than anyone or anything, EVER. I am so lucky I get to be her mom! It's hard to see her getting so big and gaining her own independance but I love to see her learn and grow. It seems that she learns something new everyday! She has made our family complete.

We decided to take her on a little field trip to the library and took some "2 year old" pictures. I can't believe we actually even got some shots because she wouldn't slow down for a second. She is our little book worm and she was on a bit of "Book Overload" but she had a great time.
Life with a two year old is definately going to be fun. She has her own little personality and she cracks me up everyday.
Here are some of the funny things she does....
  • She loves to drink the milk from my cereal after I eat the cereal every morning. (And she gets mad if I forget to give it to her.)
  • She could eat spaghetti everyday and not get tired of it.
  • She likes to get my measuring spoons out of the drawer and use them to drink the dog water. (yuck, I know)
  • She will run and hide behind the bathroom door when you call her name or if she is doing something she shouldnt.
  • She LOVES mom's make-up and has been caught getting in it multiple times (you would think I would learn to put it somewhere else.)
  • After she "passes gas" she waves her hand in front of her nose and says "PeeeeUUUUU" and then laughs and laughs.
  • She will pick up the phone and jabber away unless someone is on the other end....then she is completely silent.
  • She relentlessly torments our dog. She will brush her hair, lay on her and chase her all around the house.
  • She will say "BYE" and blow kisses to cashiers, waiters or waitresses, or anyone when we leave a store or restaurant.
  • She loves giving doggie kisses. She will randomly come up to us and lick our cheek, our arm or our leg.

What a great kid she is! I love her more and more each day.

Happy Birthday Little Lady!!!!