Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Too Funny

I was checking some blogs tonight and on one of the blogs I "stalk" posted a funny website
Oh my gosh.... you just search your name and it brings up funny "definitions". Some can get pretty racy so beware, but if you want a good laugh check it out.

Here are the definitions for our names:


A very pretty girl who is shy at first but then she will open up. She is very trustworthy and has a great sense of humor. She falls for people fast and doesn't trust easily. She is beautiful inside and out people just don't realize it..... yet. Shes kickass and a great friend to have.
Man, Natalie is the total package.
I got to get me a Natalie

ha, ha, ha.... but the funniest is what is said for Scott.

See: Jesus Christ or
Chuck Norris

"Oh my god it's Scott!"


Scott :
pronounced: (SK-OT)
Incredibly good looking with a great six pack.
Usually found surrounded by a group of girls but can sometimes be found laying back and reading a book. Always there when you need someone to talk and can easily make you laugh. Friends always come first for scott.

Girl one: Gee last night guess who i hung around?
Girl two: o duh girl i already know everyone was hanging around a scott, he's such a swell listener.

I guess Im lucky to have myself a SCOTT!!!