Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss M. gets a Potty

Today is a big day!   Miss M got her very own potty!   Miss M is showing a little bit of interest in the idea of going potty. The last few days she has announced everytime she went to the bathroom in her diaper and she would immediately lay down so I could change her.   She is still pretty scared of the big potty so we went to the store and let her choose her own potty.   She was quite excited about everything until I put it on the ground and told her she could sit on it.  She was really worried and didn't like that idea at all.  She even started crying when Scott picked her up and sat her on the potty.   She is warming up to the idea though.  We are taking things slow.  Right now the new potty is sitting in the bathroom and she likes the idea of sitting on it with her clothes on. She has even gone in there a few times without me, just to check things out.  We will try this for a few days until she is ready to sit without her diaper.   No rush, we will let her do it on her own time.


babyp-ssyluver said...

when she pees I want to suck on her little pee tasting p-ssy