Monday, September 20, 2010

"I Love Temple"

Last night we went over to Ma's house to wish her a Happy Birthday.  From her backyard you can see the Bountiful Temple.  Miss M. was so excited and kept saying "Temple, I see Temple, Mommy"  So we took a drive up around the temple on our way home from Ma's house.   We drove up the hill and as we came around the corner Miss M. yelled "There it is!!"   She was so excited.  We were talking to her about the temple and how pretty it is an so on, when suddenly Miss M. says "I Love Temple".    My heart just burst.  I am so grateful for the temple and I am thankful that even at her age Miss M. is developing a love for the temple.  


JACK's house said...

I love temple too Miss M

SLC / Portland Webbs said...

That is adorable! I need to go back to the temple I have been away for far to long!