Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let it Snow... and an Update

It seems like forever ago that I updated my blog.  Life around here has been pretty crazy.   For those of you who don't know.... October was a pretty crazy  month for us.  On Oct. 1, Scott went in for a routine colonoscopy.   I had been bugging him to go for a while now, so I was happy that he finally listened and made an appointment.   As Scott was waking up the Dr. came in to talk to us and tell us about the procedure.   You know it's not good when the first thing out of the Dr.'s mouth is "You just save your husbands life"    I seriously thought he was joking and then he said it again. My stomach just sank and I quickly realized they found "something"  Oh boy, my worst fear ( The week before Scott's appointment I had A LOT of anxiety and I couldnt really figure out why).  Turns out they found a large "mass" in his colon that had to be surgically removed.   Whoa..... that is totally  not what I had anticipated.    After that meeting we spent the next few weeks, meeting with surgeons, having more tests and then finally Scott had surgery on Nov 2 to remove the mass.  Dr. Griffin was awesome!! He performed a Robotically Assisted laprospopic Bowel Resection (I know... right!!)   Basically they went in cut the tumor out of his colon and re-stitched it back together.   Scott looked like he had been in a knife fight.  They made 4 small incisions and 1 medium incision in his belly.   Anyway... ALL IS WELL!!   We found out that they were able to remove all of the cancer and since we caught it early, it hadn't spread anywhere else in his body, so all is good.  Scott has bounced back pretty quick and he is basically back to normal.  His wounds are healing and aside from yearly colonoscopies he should be fine :)    The moral of the story... get your colonscopy when you turn 50 - if not before.  It really can save your life!!! 
So, now that I can breathe again, it's back to life as normal.  This little goober is keeping us on our toes!

 Tonight began the "Blizzard of 2010" Miss M. really wanted to go out in the snow so I pulled out the "vintage" snowsuit that we had (I think it was one that I wore when I was little) and let her go out while Scott was shoveling the snow.   She loved it and had so much fun. 

  NOTE TO SELF:   Get Miss M. some snow gloves.   Her little hands got pretty cold and it freaked her out when we came inside and her hands started to thaw.  Oops...sorry babe!


JACK's house said...

Can I just say that pushy wives RULE! Way to go Nat....and of course, good for you Scott for listening to your wife ;)

oh and can't forget the cute miss M. Send me your email address to anissaboo@gma il.com

Jaime said...

Hi Natalie, your a winner over at The Dress-up Drawer!!
Come see what you've won.

SLC / Portland Webbs said...

I am so glad everything is ok! What a scare. I miss my Utah friends and wouldn't be even the slightest bit disappointed to move back here is fingers crossed.