Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something New

I have really talented and creative sisters.   My sister Heidi can crochet like nobody's business.  I mean totally amazing things are created with her crochet hooks.   She is starting a little side business selling her creations, so while we were at my parents house on Saturday we went outside to take some pictures of the things she has made.   Here are some of the pictures, go ahead and check out her new blog as well if you would like to see more. (I promise you wont be dissapointed!)

Oh Yes... and you may have noticed all the pictures are of my baby sister - she's the pretty one (again, why didn't I get those genes?) and loves the camera or the camera loves her :)  (If you couldn't tell).  


Heidi said...

Nat, your photos are amazing! Thank you so much for using your talent to showcase mine! Love ya soooo much!

SLC / Portland Webbs said...

Natalie you are amazing with a camera. Your sister is talented and beautiful. Me and the kids are coming for spring break - Mar 21st I would love to get together with you and Nikki.