Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hide & Seek

Carter-man is here playing with Miss M today.   They have been running all around the house having lots of fun.   A little while ago things got quiet.  I went to investigate.   I could here a door opening and closing so I thought they were in Maggie's room.   I looked in there, no kiddos.   Now, my house isn't big so I wondered where they could be.  

I answer...
I called answer...
As I walked by my closet I heard two little muffled giggles coming from inside...
I grabbed my camera and waited until these two little stinkers popped out.    

Friday, April 22, 2011


At our house,
Friday is cleaning day.  
We generally just stay in our PJ's until the cleaning is done,
Today, however, it was decided that princess attire was needed. 

TuTu's and Tiaras are always in style!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today, I LOVE...

...The fact that no matter how hard she tries she cannot see her book through my glasses, but she wants to be like mom so she tries, really hard.   Oh how I love her!!!

...Even though there's snow outside as long as there is sunshine and you have your boots on you're good to go..
... TANGLED!!  It finally came.  Aparantly our copy was on the slow boat and arrived yesterday.   That's okay, we made up for lost time.  I think we have watched it 3 times already!
....Spring in Utah.  One day there's snow, the next day it's sunny, warm and beautiful. We LOVE our swingset--Thanks again Nettie!!

... Yellow Shoes!   I have wanted yellow shoes for the longest time. and I found these online and had to have them.  Can you say, springy, fun and Cuuuute!!
...This sweet little lady.   Did you know that markers make really lovely lip gloss?   Okay, not so much, but how can you resist that face?