Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dentist

Today Miss M went to the dentist for the first time!   It was so exciting.  I love our dentist and his staff (That's saying a lot because I have never liked any denstist I went to).  They were so good with Miss M.   Scott came along and held Maggie while she watched the hygenist clean my teeth.  When I was done, we asked Miss M. if she wanted to get her teeth cleaned and she willingly sat in the chair.    The appointement couldnt' have gone any better.  Miss M. did fabulous and was so excited to get the Pooh Bear toothbrush at the end.  The dentist said her teeth look great and BONUS:  No cavities!   HOORAY!!! 
(I unfortunately do not have that luxury.... I broke a tooth a couple of months ago so now I have to go back and get a crown....UGH!)

She was a little nervous to begin with but she did great!

Look at how her feet are crossed.... too cute!

All Clean and with her new toothbrush!


Camie said...

Yea Miss M! You are getting so big!

JACK's house said...

Boy is she getting BIG!