Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

We have been having so much fun this last month.   I love Fall and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!  We have been taking full advantage of these lovely days.    Here are some of the highlights....

First and foremost.....WE ARE OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED!!!!!   This is such a monumental achievement in our household!   Miss M resisted for a very long time and we were at our wits end with her, until her Daddy broke out the big bucks and offered her one dollar each time she went potty.   Hello....that did the trick!  I will be darned if that kid didn't go right in and go potty.  Since that day she hasnt looked back!   She has the strongest bladder and can hold it like nobody's business.   She even stays dry through the night!   Hip, Hip, HOORAY!!!

We have lots of "big girl panties" & in the beginning she liked to fold them all & look at them

Yes, that drink is Diet Coke.  I was desperate & trying anything to get her to go on the Potty...Don't Judge!
We made another trip to DISNEYLAND!   It was a special trip because, not only was part of my family there but Jo & Josh came with us.   We had so much fun and did everything!!  Miss M especially likes the Alice in Wonderland & The Little Mermaid Ride. (We rode each of them multiple times)   She also is big enough to have her own seat for Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story.  She loves to shoot the guns and is pretty good at hitting the targets on the ride.   We watched the new Mickey parade and LOVED IT!   We also watched Fantasmic! (My favorite show)   We had such a wonderful time!
Their favorite part...The Maps!

Daddy even rode the roller coaster with Miss M.  SHOCKING!!

Pretty as a princess!

"Unca Dee" & Aunt Wendy are Miss M's favorites

Joy School is going Awesome!   Miss M LOVES school!  She has so much fun and has made great new friends.   We are so blessed to have such great families in our neighborhood!    Last week we it was our first time to have Joy School at our house.    The lessons this week were focused on feelings.  The kids got to put faces on a pumpkin and then we carved the pumpkin together. 
On Wednesday we hosted our Joy School Halloween Party.   We had learned two songs on Monday and invited the parents to come and listen to the kids sing.    It was so fun!   We decorated sugar cookies, made a ghost, got dressed in costumes and paraded around!    When the parents came the kids sang the songs.  They were so cute, adorable and sung the songs PERFECTLY!    As party favors, I made each child a mummy juice box, and a halloween candy man!    I think I had more fun then the kids!

Too Cute to SPOOK!!!
Well, there you have it, a quick (wink, wink) update.   I have more but I will post sometime next week...Im tired and ready to go to bed...goodnight.