Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the season...

December is finally here!   We are ready for Christmas.  Miss M is excited about everything!  She loves the lights, the decorations, the music, and SANTA!   

We have already done a lot of things to celebrate the season.  I wanted to share some pictures of the fun we have had so far....

We attended the tree lighting ceremony at the Gateway.   We have done this a couple of time and always enjoy it!   There was great music, hot chocolate & cookies!    We had so much fun, especially because Papa, Mimi, Aunt Wendy, Ben, Uncle Dee & Carter came along.

Thanksgiving was a blast this year.   We went to Papa & Mimi's.  The food was delicious!  This year I made a lots of yummy treats.   The highlight was the Mac & Cheese, the Toffee Pumpkin cheese cake and the Peanut Butter pie (This was a last minute idea, but it was oh so good!)   To keep the kids busy this year they got to create their own Turkeys.   The kids had so much fun personalizing their own Turkeys. 

The day after Thanksgiving we attended The Grand America's tree lighting ceremony.  We started this tradition last year and it was so fun, we decided to do it again.   The Grand America is a beautiful hotel!  They have a "scavenger hunt", where you look at their window displays, answer some questions and then get a yummy cookie at the end.  They also served hot chocolate, which was delicious!

Miss M was all about the window displays.  She has so much fun looking at each one!

Hot Chocolate....Yum!  Miss M. drank her entire glass.   The girls loves hot chocolate!

Miss M had to put her pencil behind her ear, just like Mommy.

Mimi came along, so much fun!

Wendy and Ben  came too.  Miss M. has a bit of a crush on Ben.

Lastly, we celebrated tonight by attending the festivities at The Square at 2600.   They had carriage rides, treats and SANTA.    Miss M. was so excited to see the big guy, but then she got all shy when it came time to talk to him.   That's okay, she whispered to him what she wanted for Christmas.   This year all Miss M wants for Christmas is a Hairdryer!?!  That girl is so funny.   She has an idea in her head and thats all she can think about.   We shall have to see what Santa brings her.  Im pretty sure the big guy will deliver!
Wow, we have been busy and it's only the first week of December.   We have lots more planned.  This month is busy but we wouldnt have it any other way!!